Parking near the Marine Station

Dear Clients!

From November 1, 2023, the automated parking complex of the Vladivostok Marine Station was put into operation.

The following parking options are available:

Possibility of free parking for 20 minutes
Possibility of staying in the parking lot for up to 3 hours at a cost of 100 rubles for the first 3 hours, each subsequent hour at a cost of 100 rubles.

For your convenience, there is an electronic sign at the entrance to the parking lot indicating the number of free parking spaces.


Please note that:

Entry and exit is carried out only on the basis of a parking card
Fine for losing a card – 1000 rubles
If you have any questions, please call: +7-423-249-73-53


For your safety and comfort, we kindly ask you to inform the drivers of vehicles that bring and meet you that boarding/disembarking from/to them must be done in the parking spaces of the parking complex, and not on the road, in passages in front of the barrier, or other places unsuitable for this.

The road adjacent to the Marine Station building is characterized by high-intensity vehicle traffic, including heavy vehicles.

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