Eastern Dream
Рейс №ED2350N
05 Dec 2023
1 day, 1 hour
06 Dec 2023


Eastern Dream
Рейс №ED2350S
07 Dec 2023
1 day, 1 hour
08 Dec 2023

Christmas sale of tickets for the Eastern Dream ferry

Spend the New Year and Christmas holidays in South Korea.

The discount on this promotion is 40 percent.

An economy class ticket will cost 52,000 rubles in both directions (excluding terminal fees).

The sale continues until January 18, 2024 inclusive, and you can travel with purchased tickets from December 1, 2023 to January 18, 2024.

The Eastern Dream ferry will operate on the same schedule:

- from Donghae every Tuesday at 15:00

- from Vladivostok every Thursday at 14:00

Passenger check-in and baggage check-in in Vladivostok begins at 9.00 local time, ends at 13.00.

A passenger who is late for the end of passenger check-in and baggage check-in may be denied transportation on this voyage.

The carrier is not responsible for losses incurred by the passenger due to the passenger being late for check-in.

Reservations and purchase of tickets are available for the period until 01/19/2024.


Best regards,

Eastern Cruise and Ferry Team

Eastern Cruise & Ferry offers a sea freight and passenger transportation between Vladivostok, Russia and Donghae, Republic of Korea.

We carry various types of cargo from containers to personal items.

We are the only international sea passenger carrier in Russia. We carry out weekly passenger departures to South Korea, to the port of Donghae.




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