Information For Passengers

Non-standart baggage and special baggage is paid in Russian Ruble due the exchange rate of Central Bank of the Russian Federation + 2.5%.


 Type of baggage



No. of Packages

Baggage Fares



Max. 25kg per package

L+W+H Max. 150cm,

Each side Max. 100cm

Max. 2 packages(incl. bagpack), 

Max. 25kg for Total packages

Входит в стоимость билета


Checked Baggage

Standart baggage

Max. 25kg per package

L+W+H Max. 200cm, 

Each side Max. 100cm

Max 5 packages, 

Max. 25kg for Total packages

Входит в стоимость билета

Non-standart baggage

Max. 25kg per package

L+W+H Max. 200cm, 

Each side Max. 100cm

Max 5 packages, 

Max. 25kg for Total packages

₩3,000($3) per over-weight(kg)

Special Baggage


Max. 50kg

L+W+H Max. 280cm, 

Each side Max. 120cm

1 багажное место весом более 25 кг

1~20kg: ₩100,000($100),

over 20kg: ₩5,000($5) per kg added

* Terms of Baggages

  (L+W+H : length + width + height)


Example: if the luggage is 26 kg, it is considered oversized and charged at the rate of 5$ per each kg.

If the passenger has additional baggage which is less than 25 kg, it will be charged at the rate of 3$ per each kg.


Hand-carrying Baggage

 - Baggages that passenger can carry in hands on board.

 - Max. 25kg per package and L+W+H Max. 150cm, Each side Max. 100cm.

 - Max. 2 packages including bagpack and Max. 25kg for Total packages.

Checked Baggage

- Max. 25kg per package and L+W+H Max. 150cm, Each side Max. 100cm

- Max. 50kg for Total packages

- No fare to be charged upto 25kg per passenger.

- If weight of total packages over 25kg, ₩3,000($3) per over-weight(kg) to be charged.

- For example, If a passenger wants one bag of 30kg plus one bag of 20kg as Checked Baggage, the 30kg bag should be adjusted to ≤ 25kg.
  If weight of each package exceeds 25kg and adjusting weight is not available or passenger reject it, this baggage shall be regarded as Special Baggage.

- Eventhough each package is ≤ 25kg, if length exceeds the limit as above, this baggage shall be regarded as Special 

Special Baggage

- Baggages that can not be treated as Hand-carrying Baggage or Checked Baggage or not available to adjust weight or size

- Max. 50kg per package and L+W+H Max. 280cm, Each side Max. 120cm

- If weight of package exceeds 25kg or length exceeds limit of Checked Baggage, Baggage fare for Special Baggage shall be applied.

- 1~20kg : ₩100,000($100), over 20kg: ₩5,000($5) per kg added

 Other Baggages 


Vladivostok - Donghae

Baggage Fares

Bicycle, Stroller

₩65,000 ($65)

Kick Board / Scooter / Snowboard

₩65,000 ($65)

Ski / Surfboard

₩100,000 ($100)

- E-bikes are allowed on board only if battery is removed.

- It is strictly forbidden to charge bicycle batteries on board.

- If there are multiple pairs of skis in the skicase, payment is per pair, not per bag.


Vladivostok - Donghae


Pet (only dogs and cats)

Less than 10kg in total including shipping container

₩65,000 ($65)

*Более детальная информация во вкладке "ЖИВОТНЫЕ".


Boarding in Vladivostok

Check in takes place at the following address: Vladivostok, st. Nizhneportovaya, d. 1 (г. Владивосток, ул. Нижнепортовая, д. 1) in the landing area of ​​the sea passenger terminal.
The entrance to the boarding area of ​​the marine passenger terminal is located on the outside of the building on the first floor next to the parking lot.
Registration starts at 09.00 and ends at 13.00.

Please be sure to arrive on time for registration.

Documents for check in on the ferry.

While registration on the ferry, you must present:

ticket in electronic or printed version,

valid passport,

visa or Korean ID card or K-ETA entry permission,

customs declaration, if necessary,

a completed quarantine form in English or Korean, the quarantine form can be downloaded below


* Since October 21, the value of a negative PCR test result has been excluded and a temperature check of passengers has been introduced when boarding a ship. At a temperature of 37.5, you will need to undergo an antigenic rapid test. If the result is negative, you will be allowed to board the ship; if the test is positive, you will not be able to board the ship. If you would like to reschedule your travel dates, we will provide this service for free.



Boarding in Donghae 

Address: Annex of Donghae port Int'l Passenger Terminal, 210, Daedong-Ro, Donghae-Si, Kangwondo, Korea.

Time: check-in starts at 11.30, check-in ends at 14.45.

Independent departure of minor citizens of the Russian Federation is possible from 12 years.

It is also possible to leave minor citizens of the Russian Federation, accompanied by
third persons without age restrictions.

Required documents for departure:

  • notarized consent to travel abroad from one of
  • birth certificate (you can present an uncertified copy),
  • documents confirming the change in the full name of the persons specified in the consent
    if necessary.


Meals are not included in the ticket price, paid separately on board (only in cash):

  • Breakfast: 8,000 KRW
  • Lunch: 15,000 KRW
  • Dinner: 15,000 KRW

The passenger can take food with him on the route for personal consumption. Remaining food items will be confiscated
quarantine service when crossing the border of the Republic of Korea.

The ship has a specially equipped place for eating, which passengers took with them. There is also a hot and cold water cooler and a microwave.


- only dogs and cats can be transported on the ferry;
- each passenger over 18 years old can carry no more than 2 animals;
- carriage of 1 animal with gross weight not more than 10 kg (gross - animal's weight + rigid carrier) costs $65 payable at
at the Vladivostok port in cash in rubles at the Central Bank rate of +2,5% on the date of payment;
- the pet is transported in a hard carrier in a separate room, the pet can be visited every 3 hours;
- food and toilet facilities for the pet are provided by the passenger himself/herself for the whole trip.


The following documents must be presented at check-in to transport your pet:

- molecular diagnosis of antibodies to rabies virus (certificate)
- International Veterinary Certificate 5A

International Veterinary Certificate 5A can be issued at the sanitary-quarantine points:


Vladimir Saibel Str, 45, Artem (г.Артем, ул.Владимира Сайбеля, 45) (the sanitary-quarantine station is located in the left wing of the airport terminal, in the arrival zone of international lines)

Tel. 8-991-069-22-09
- is open round the clock
- send to the following
a) the pet owner's passport,
b) passport of the pet,
c) veterinary certificate according to form 1
d) molecular diagnosis of antibodies to rabies virus
- a day later you have to call to collect the international
veterinary certificate 5A.


Nizhneportovaya, 3B (Нижнепортовая, 3Б)
Tel. 239-67-43
- sanitary-quarantine station is open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.
- send to the following documents on the week preceding the shipment date:
a) the animal owner's passport,
b) passport of the pet,
c) veterinary certificate according to form 1
d) molecular diagnostics for antibodies to rabies virus
- on monday you have to call to collect the international
veterinary certificate 5A.

*There is no sanitary-quarantine station in the MORVOKZAL building!

Refund/Date Changing

Since VIP rooms can only be reserved on a per-room basis, the fare is constant regardless of the number of passengers (up to 2 people), and the fuel surcharge (BAF), war surcharge (AP), and terminal fee are charged according to the actual number of passengers. If 1 out of 2 cancels, only the fuel surcharge (BAF), war surcharge (AP), and terminal fee for the canceled passenger shall be refunded.

In case of Round Ticket Reservation, changing of returning date is impossible. If cancelling of return trip, the amounts excluding previously used one-way fare shall be refunded. And Refund Fee might be charged depending on time of requesting cancellation.


  Before 3 weeks of Departure 14~20 days before Departure 3~13 days before Departure 1~2 days before Departure The day of/before Departure After Departure
 Refund/Date Changing None 10% of Fare 20% of Fare 40% of Fare 50% of Fare N/A


To issue a refund or change the date of departure, the passenger must provide: ticket, boarding pass, payment receipt and application for changes/refunds.


If the travel company redeemed tickets in blocks or by
special discount, then if tickets are canceled 24 hours before the departure of the vessel, the money for the purchased tickets will not be returned!

The rules of the customs services of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea are different.

For more complete and accurate information

  • according to the customs rules of the Russian Federation, use the site:
  • according to the customs regulations of the Republic of Korea:
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